This Gamo Silent Cat Review is written to give some valuable information to the readers who has intention to purchase this product. We explore the speciality and features of this product so the serious buyer can make some consideration before deciding to buy. This is an honest review from customers who had bought the rifle a couple of months.

Gamo Silent Cat is great high-powered air rifle which, suited for hunting and controlling the pest. The velocity is quite impressive that achieves 1,000 feet per second using 0.177 caliber match-grade lead bullets, or fires at 1,200 feet per second using PBA ammo. This adult air gun is equipped with a deluxe recoil pad made from ventilated rubber to protect you from recoils. Twin cheek pads makes a comfortable aiming while shooting. It has a manual trigger safety and an automatic cocking safety system to make you feel more safe while using the gun. This Silent Cat Gamo has a non-removable noise dampener which reduces the sound up to 52%. On the upper side of the gun you can mount the 4×32 rifle scope.


Gamo Silent Cat Rifle

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Silent Cat product details


  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Weight: 5.28 lbs
  • Length: 46.0’’
  • Barrel Length: 18 in
  • Trigger Pull: 3.79 lbs
  • Cocking effort:30 lbs
  • Spring piston break barrel air rifle


  • Butt Plate: Ventilated rubber pad for recoil absorption
  • Stock: Tough all-weather synthetic stock
  • Cheekpiece: Twin cheek pads (comfortable for ambidextrous shooting)
Gamo Silent Cat Stock

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Gamo Silent Cat Lock

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  • Scope Ramp: Raised Rail
  • Scope: 4×32 air rifle scope with 1 pc mount


  • Non-removable noise dampener (with up to 52% reduction)Silent Cat noise dampner
  • Velocity: 1200 fps with PBA, 1000 fps with Lead
  • Single Shot
  • Trigger: Second Stage adjustable
  • Manual Trigger safety
  • Break Barrel: Single Cocking System, Spring piston
  • Barrel: Fluted, Polymer Jacketed Rifled Steel
  • Automatic Cocking Safety system
  • manual safety
  • Cocking Effort: 30 lbs

 Gamo Silent Cat Review

T. Hanson, a customer who had bought Gamo Silent Cat air rifle gave his authentic Gamo Silent Cat review of the product as follows:

I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through the Silent Cat. Accuracy is AMAZING, essentially same hole groups at 20yds**. With the muzzle velocity chronograph at 1030 +/- 10fps, it is as loud as a standard “10 pump” pellet gun which has a velocity around 650fps. Essentially, sounds like a BB gun!

The suppressor does NOT quiet down the shot when using the PBA ammo, which gives Muzzle Velocities of 1280-1330fps, jumping into supersonic. With PBA ammo, a report like a ladyfinger firecracker going off is heard due to the “mini sonic boom” of the projectile. The suppressor DOES protect the muzzle, which is a good enough reason to get this model. The last 1mm of barrel effects accuracy more than the rest of the length! The muzzle crown (where the pellet exits), must be cut perfectly at 90 degrees with no nicks or dings so the air pushing the pellet exits uniformly.

I have a Gamo Big Cat, and an RWS, the Big Cat is .177, and it is quite a bit louder than the Silent Cat, about 50-80 fps slower from the muzzle (may just be the gun, not sure without more tests). The Big Cat is noticeably louder than the Silent Cat when it comes to game downrange. The RWS is about the same loudness as the silent cat, but it is pushing a .22 cal pellet weighing 3x as much at only 800fps.

The bundled scope is solid, good eye relief, the only minor issue is in bright light, the VERY bright fiber dots on the iron sights “wash” into the scope slightly.

The BIGGEST feature of this rifle, the reason I bought it, is the skeleton stock. It allows for the same grip as a thumb-hole stock on a 10/22, or the grip on an AR rifle or most handguns. This comfort feature alone has increased accuracy and quicker muzzle on target.

Johnno, who used to shoot with Whisper VH before, and now he already had Silent Cat feels happy with this excellent rifle. He expressed his Gamo Silent Cat review as follows:

Silent Cat is a litle more shorter and lighter than the Whisper, it makes this rifle easier to handle. My previous air gun, Whisper, jammed after 10 shots, but it don’t happen to my lovely Silent Cat.  I’ve shot the Silent Cat for several months with no problems. I’ve shot continuosly the invasive rats in my farm, now their number significantly reduced. With 4×32 scope, I thought it is very accurate at 200 feet.

A Silent Cat user said:

This is an amazing gun! when i first tryed it one of my friends just got it in the mail and it only took like 5 mins to sight but after that, we droped some coke cans and a couple birds from about 100 yrds. although i dont recomend trying to on a cow =) but over all its a good gun and i would recomend it to anyone

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