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Gamo Silent Cat is a powerful adult air gun, suitable for small game hunting and pest control. It is equipped with a deluxe recoil pad and has a base for mounting its 4×32 air rifle scope. Fires at speed up to 1,200 feet per second with PBA ammo and 1,000 feet per second with 0.177 caliber lead pellet. Silent Cat Gamo featuring an automatic cocking safety system with a cocking effort of 30 lbs. A ventilated rubber pad on the butt plate absorbs recoil for smooth shooting. The stock is made of durable all-weather synthetic that you can take single shot air rifle out in any kind of weather. The non-removable noise dampener reduces the noise by up to 52%.

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Gamo Silent Cat Product Features

Silent Cat

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Silent Cat has spring piston with 30 lbs cocking effort. It is quite powerful thatĀ fires at speed up to 1,000 feet per second with match-grade lead pellets, or it fires at 1,200 feet per second with PBA ammunition. It shoot well the rabbits, rats, squirels and birds though from long range. that is why Silent Cat is recommended for hunting and pest control.

Tough Stock
Silent Cat has tough all-weather synthetic stock that you can take out in any kind of weather. It is also light that makes this rifle easier to handle and to carry in whatever wood you are.

Noise Dampener
The rifle has non-removable noise dampener that can reduce it sound up to 52%. It is the most quiet air gun of its’ class, without a noise dampener it must sound like caliber 0.22.

Silent Cat is equipped with a deluxe recoil pad made from ventilated rubber to protect you from recoils. It has also smooth twin ceek pads that makes you feel comfortable when aiming the target. All these features alongwith 4×32 scope will help you aiming the target nicely and shoot accurately.

Durable performance
Silent Cat has a 18 in length bull barel made from fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel that enable you to shoot continuosly several times without having worry to be jammed.

Silent Cat Product Review

We observe that it is important for you to know the commentaries from various customers who already bought this product, therefore we show you some Gamo Silent Cat reviews in order to give you a better information.

silent cat videoOgatiy gives his useful honest commentary after having been shooting with this rifle:

Generally pleased with this air gun. Have been shooting a variety of pellets, but like the Gamo Tomahawk pellets, and Beeman Hollowpoint.

Though the trigger is adjustable, I was rather disappointed at the hard pull which made accurate shots difficult and didn’t bother trying to adjust it out. Instead replaced with a GRT III which made the trigger very close to the stock trigger on my Air Arms s410 in performance, and now it’s quite nice and allows much better accuracy. Once the trigger was replaced, the accuracy has really improved in terms of tight shot patterns. But frankly it did ok with the stock trigger as long as I used a good artillery hold with some added stability such as sitting and using a leg for added support. Standing and shooting with the stock trigger was difficult as the hard pull made shot patterns dispersive. However, the light weight of the gun, surprisingly light, generally makes this gun easy to handle.

Scope is good enough, way far from top of the line but good enough for this gun. Clear and easy to mount with a stop pin. Used loctite on the screws and after hundreds of shots have not had to adjust after the initial sighting in. Though did run about 250 pellets through it prior to sighting it in to get a reasonable break-in.

The cocking effort seems much less than I’ve seen listed (anywhere from 28 ft/lbs to 38) and really seems more like 18-20. Any abled 10 year old can cock this weapon. I place the gun butt on my left thigh, hold just above the trigger guard with my left hand, with my right grasp the silencer and break it open and cock it. Really can do hundreds of cocks a day with no arm fatigue.

For a springer the gun is relatively quiet. As far as speed of the pellets it must be as advertised, because the PBA pellets break the sound barrier (1116 ft/s) and it sounds like a rimfire .22 going off. It’s certainly louder than my s410 which is a PCP and extremely quiet. The s410 is so quiet I missed a squirrel twice (today) and it still sat eating calmly, then I got a little stability as I leaned against a tree for the long range shot (about 60 yds) and took it out with the 3rd. While I wouldn’t have taken such a long range shot with the Silent Cat, I also wouldn’t have gotten more than one chance. Still, the gun is certainly more quiet than any rim-fire or center-fire weapon.

The gun started out with some twang from the spring but that quickly dispersed. Also, there is a little bit of torque from the spring, and a tune would do this gun some justice.

For target practice and light hunting I find myself grabbing this gun from time to time, but will give it to a 12 year old boy as first real gun capable for training and field.

Keysmon, had bought his Silent Cat and found it very useful in controlling the starving iguanas which kill his plants. Below is the Gamo Silent Cat review by him:

We have a huge Iguana infestation in our neighborhood and our yard,and its not uncommon to see 3 or 4 of them sunning and pooping on our dock. My wife grows delicious tropical fruits and asian vegetables in her large garden and they are eaten before they grow a foot high. The Iguanas also killed a beautiful Orchid tree by deleafing. We tried the repellent sprays- they scoffed at them and ate more. We tried Havahart traps with little success. It was sadly time for a more dramatic solution.
I finally ordered this air rifle in desperation- I had to do something before the Mangoes ripen and are devoured by the hungry green horde. It arrived quickly along with the Magnum pellets and Crosman pellet loader. It was EZ to mount the scope and I spent 30 min. sighting it in, then the hunt began. I slid the gun into its beautiful Kolpin camo case(, put on my Aussie bush hat and crept out to the pool deck, using the waterfall for cover. I peered over the top- there they were- two 3 footers blissfully digesting their pilfered meal. I slowly eased the barrel over the waterfall, aimed through the scope and Pow!- the first one catapulted into the ocean, dead on impact. I shed a little crocodile tear for him, then zeroed in on the other- he had run about 6 feet and stopped. I popped a cap in his crown as well. I have since gotten about 6 more this week, all thankfully quick, clean kills.
I recommend this air rifle highly- I grew up with the old Crosman 760 pump- this weapon is light years ahead. Cocking requires a good effort- I like that my 8 year old son would have difficulty since he is too young for a hunt. Its also quite long- the cases on Amazon seemed too short, but the Kolpin case fits it well. Regarding noise- my neighbor has the Gamo Big Cat- its a little louder than my gun but not much. I do prefer the open grip and overall look of the Silent Cat for a little more money. It does a dirty job well.

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